Please read the information below if you would like to submit an application




  • Use colour headshots only and no more than 5. Ensure they are all professional quality and meet industry standard. Check out if you are unsure.

  • Don't use film/tv stills unless you want to highlight a high profile job or recognised actor you had a scene with. One or two is enough.

  • Label each clip on your showreel and ensure material is no older than eight years old and is of a good production quality (sound and light). 

  • Keep your showreel under 3 minutes.

  • If you are inviting us to a show please let us know the time it starts and the running time and include the show page link.

  • Make clear on your CV which roles were series regulars, recurring roles and lead roles.

  • Do not include extra work or non-speaking uncredited roles.

  • If you filmed a speaking role which did not make the final cut make clear it was an uncredited role.

  • -Include the theatre venue and production company for theatre credits.

  • If a play you have credited was a part of a new writing event, credit the event (you can still also credit the play) as well as the venue.

  • On your CV clear which scripts are in development and which scripts were produced. Don't include anything irrelevant on your CV such as non-writing work. You may, however, explain you cover letter anything else that may be of interest such as if you are also a director or actor.

  • In your cover letter let us know what genres you tend to write for and your artistic interests and style and tell us about any highlights.

  • Keep your series bible/treatment short 1-3 pages is enough but if you have added images up to 6 pages is fine.  If you have established talent already attached include them in the document with an image and their biographies in this scenario your document may be longer but keep it to no more than 10 pages.

  • If you have not had confirmation of your series bible, treatment or script within a week of sending it please feel free to call or email to check.  You do not need to speak directly to an agent just ask whoever it is who answers the phone and give them your name and the title of your script and the date you sent it. 

  • If you sent to any email other than info(at) it will not be read or responded to.



What types of writers do you

We represent screen and stage writers. 
Should I attach my headshot and CV?

Only if it is because you are 16-19 years old and not on Spotlight. 



Can I still apply if I'm not a Spotlight Member?

Only if you are 16-19 years old and you are available for auditions and work and you have an advanced skill such as dance, singing, instruments, sports, languages and have some form of acting training and/or experience, in which case please send a CV and a headshot.
What is a film treatment or TV series bible?

A TV series bible will include the title, a 20-35 word logline, (and a tagline if you like) the genre and tone, an introduction to the world and premise, a description of your main characters, a series guide (summary of each episode for the first series) and a brief outline of the story arc ideas for series 2 and 3. You can even use pictures to give a sense of the tone or characters.

A film treatment will include all of the above but instead of a series guide, you can include a synopsis detailing Act 1, 2 and 3. You can also 




What should I include in my email cover letter?

Any sellable skills you have,  any career highlights and experience and your native accent.

If you are also a writer please highlight what experience you have as a writer including training, competitions, showings of work, awards if you are in the early stage of your writing career.
I don't have any writing experience but I am passionate can I still send a script?

If it is more of a hobby keep writing for fun, if you are serious about being a writer as professional career, before writing to any literary agent hone your craft, get involved in writing opportunities and competitions, learn about the business and build a catalogue of spec scripts that an agent can represent you for.  Once you have proven your talent and built up experience put together a CV and then get in touch. 



I have Background Artist experience can I apply?

If you are professionally trained you may still apply however you should not list Background/Extra work on your CV for acting agents.
Can I get feedback on my series bible or treatment or script?

We do not send feedback on series/bibles or treatments but we will confirm receipt, if we wish to take things further we will ask for the script. We will send brief feedback on the script and may ask you to send us another before we proceed to a meeting.